Why Choose Us?

Quality Assured

We are one of the few companies that design and manufacture our own furniture. No third party manufacturers and difficulties when it comes to warranty, repairing or replacing of any furniture.

Strong Support

You will receive professional advice in selecting the exact furniture and in the style that you are looking for. Our team will make space planning a breeze! Our after-sales support is unparalled and gives you a real peace of mind.

Complete Range of Furniture

We offer furniture for bedrooms, dining rooms, living rooms, offices and even kitchens. Our showrooms are well stocked and open daily for your convenience.

Great Variety to Choose From

Because we manufacture our own furniture, we have the widest choices for your home needs. Choose the size, colours and styles just to suit your budget.


Rent from one month to a few years, according to your needs. Furniture sets for rooms, offices or entire homes can be delivered to you very quickly with short notice.


We provide good quality furniture that is great value for money. We have furniture that will suit all budget sizes. Speak to us today!

Fast Service and Delivery

Our logistics team is quick and efficient. We can deliver and collect furniture with short notice. Our team also responds promptly to any service calls or requests for repairs.

Option To Purchase

If you are keen to purchase the furniture after the end of the rental period, we would gladly give you a good discount!


Furniture Rental Singapore